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Retail Products

Know your target audience

Sales ads are the last step in most marketing campaigns. This means that you have already determined how to get this ad in front of someone that would likely purchase it. 

In refelction, think about how you feel if receive an ad for something you were acutall thinking of purchasing. It is a much better feeling than something not targeted to your needs. 

Say less

Retail are not ads meant for reading so don’t waste time on heavy content. Focus on the sale by listing Top Benefits, Price, Guarantees… short essential terms. 


Ideas for your storyboard

Bright Pictures

Show your audience that you are a part of their community with multiple images of people engaged in the same activity.

Bundle for target

Consider the personality of your typical buyer. Display a grouping of products that serve multiple areas of their life.  Example: Grill tongs, pepper, beer cozy.

Bundle for Value

Consider the need/want and disposable income of your typical shopper. Would they spend more on a bundle if the savings was greater overall?

A smile is worth 1,000 words

Sometimes a smiling face is all you need. Showing happy couples, kids, and individuals reinforces the idea of customer satisfaction.

Adding Your Logo

You will  have a chance to upload your logo, text and images in to your project folder once you receive your email and begin work with your Designer.

Selecting Music

Many videos come with their own music track. When your project begins, you will have an option to change it to something else.

Review & Edits

2 Round of reviews allow us to replace content that you don’t want easily.

Take a look at some of the cool Boards we have put together for ideas on everything you could think of in marketing and sales. 

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