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Professional Video Editors

Video editing prices are based on the estimated time to complete.

Professional Sales Scripting

Lead by 25 yr Veteran & Author,
Errol Chung, CEO Miami DMT

DEsign Partners


Minimum 1Hr

2 Rounds of Edits Included.

Additional Edits Charged Hourly.

HD Videos

Thousands of HD videos are available from amazing sites like Pexel for FREE!

HD Pictures

Thousands of HD images are available from amazing sites like PixaBay for FREE!

Royalty Free Music

Thousands of HD videos are available from amazing sites like FREE Music Archive for FREE!

Script Storyboard

Thousands of incredible sales scripts available from amazing sites like Pinerest for FREE!



high quality and free to use

There are millions upon millions of available videos and imagery that we can access in order to create your vision. The mission is to do so quickly and effectively so that the project makes financial sense for you and our designers. If you do not like the images or video that we have included in your commercial, your Designer can assist you by giving you links to FREE resources for you to find the exact visuals you want.

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