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Dynamic Promos

Fast Paced - Bright Colors - Minimal Text

Glitch effect vides are SUPER FAST PACED videos with intense music. Consider it the digital vide version of a flipbook. Usually short in length Glitch Effect Videos are designed to capture the attention of the viewing audience by delivering imagery that connects with them personally.

Fast - Forward to success

Glitch Effect Videos are a great way to show multiple elements that all lead or originate from the same point-of-origin, you. In about a minute, you can show similarities, success, projects, and get your audience to understand that YOU understand them.  


Ideas for your storyboard

Connect with your Audience

Show your audience that you are a part of their community with multiple images of people engaged in the same activity.

The right tools for the job

Display content that lets your audience know that you have the right tools, equipment, and staff to get the job done.  

Incredible portfolio

Give your audience a fact paced view of your amazing, completed, works. Show off your range, clientele and more.

A smile is worth 1,000 words

Sometimes a smiling face is all you need. Showing happy couples, kids, and individuals reinforces the idea of happy customers.

Adding Your Logo

You will  have a chance to upload your logo, text and images in to your project folder once you receive your email and begin work with your Designer.

Selecting Music

Many videos come with their own music track. When your project begins, you will have an option to change it to something else.

Review & Edits

2 Round of reviews allow us to replace content that you don’t want easily.

Take a look at some of the cool Boards we have put together for ideas on everything you could think of in marketing and sales. 

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