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Frequently Asked Questions

Aka, How-it-works

Sales and visualization expertise. To be a designer with SplashVids you must have a background in both sales & visual design. This means that each designer comes to us with an outstanding graphics portfolio, history of sales and/or marketing, and experience with 1:1 client solutions.

No. The Designers are paid upon completion of the project. Having multiple Designers means that multiple people must be paid for a single project. If you are not happy with your design please contact your Project Manager and discuss solutions directly. 

For example – 

  • You CAN change your designer if they are unresponsive to communication efforts. (within 24-48hrs of contact)
  • You CANNOT change your designer because of their gender, accent, country of origin.
  • If there is a communications issue (language or accent) your Project Manager will act as a medium to assist you until your project is complete. 

Kinda. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Your job is to EXPLAIN your needs, capabilities & target audience to your designer and allow them to create your vision.

For example – 

  • Our Designers CAN change any text, video, or picture that you like.
  • Our Designers CANNOT chance the sequence that the scenes appear.

Yes & No.

  • You CAN send us your images and videos that you would like us to use.
  • You CAN ask to target a specific demographic based on your target audience. 
  • You CAN ask to focus on a specific race, gender, age, location or more to help reach your audience.


You can choose to keep as many scenes as you’d like as long as they remain in order. 

Example: You CAN keep scenes 1-5 of 10.  You CANNOT choose scenes 1,3, 5,7 & 9 and omit the rest.


Our license agreement with Envato only allows us to deliver the final product. If you would like to purchase the original file. Please check www.Envato.com for more information.

The hourly rate for editing is $85/hr USD. To find out an estimated time to complete, please ask your Designer or Project Manager.

If is it determined that that video CANNOT serve its purpose due to the error we will be happy to adjust it, free of cost. If not, you may still have the video edited for the standard $85/hr USD rate. 

There are 2 types of errors: Style and Function. 

  • Style – Changes to text, pictures, or a video due to personal preference, the editing price is $85/hr USD (Minimum 1 hour)
  • Function – Misspelling, wrong address, imagery that misrepresents service or product capability. These edits will be based on a review from your Manager.

The goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Since our Designers are the ones cultivating the images and videos (besides the ones you upload directly) and there are millions of options to choose from, we give our Designers the benefit of the doubt when assigning imagery and text.

We are obliged to make all adjustments that you request based on the original design consultation. 

Please make sure to express your ideas clearly to ensure minimal time spent in revision.


However, our Project Managers and Designers have the right to refuse any project that goes against their personal, religious, or moral creed. 

SpashVids will not create any negative ads or character slamming content


Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, however, our Project Managers and Designers have the right to refuse any project that goes against their personal, religious, or moral creed.

Our Designers have the creative freedom to work on any and all projects that they wish. They are professionals that get paid for their time and their expertise. They are not paid to break personal beliefs or creeds or create content that goes against their moral compass. If your designer pulls out from a project, there are 2 Options:

  1. Project Cancellation: 5% of your original payment is kept to cover losses of digital transfer. The remaining 95% of your payment for the individual project made to Splash Vids is returned within 30 days of confirmation of cancelation.
  2. Project is reassigned by Project Manager: We know our Designers pretty well. We will do our best to assign a designer that will happily meet your needs, however, if your project does not sit well with your designer, your Project Manager will gladly reassign at no cost to you.
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