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Where to put it: Top 3 ideas

  • Quickly turn video-clips into “professional-looking” master-pieces ready for monetization. 
  • Turn every interesting thing you say immediately into a commercial. Replace the audio behind your custom 3D Logo with any of your most brilliant bar time quotes and brand yourself a genius.
  • A unique way to show love and appreciation for someone. A gift they can actually use that shows that you care about their work. 


Ideas for your storyboard

Update your logo

If not by design, then at least by file type. Some designs are too small or grainy to appear cleary in rendering. Some editing may need to be done to get your image ready. Your Designer can discuss options with you on updating or creating a new one altogehter. 

Get 2 styles

One should be a cinematic entrance, very elaborate, for these moments when you want to shout from the rooftops. the other should be clean and modern, professional for business purposes. 

Make it worth it

Consider your personal work ethic and mission. Make sure this is something that you need. For a bit more, you can have a fully developed commercial. Logos are designed for branding, not sales. 

Hidden Jewel: the Tagline

Taglines:  the text that appears under the logo in the final reveal. 3 typical ideas; Catchy Phrase, Website, Phone #. Step out of the box with a unique call to action or challenge. Ideas are available on our Pinterest board.   

Adding Your Logo

You will  have a chance to upload your logo, text and images in to your project folder once you receive your email and begin work with your Designer.

Selecting Music

Many videos come with their own music track. When your project begins, you will have an option to change it to something else.

Review & Edits

2 Round of reviews allow us to replace content that you don’t want easily.

Take a look at some of the cool Boards we have put together for ideas on everything you could think of in marketing and sales. 

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