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Customized Envato Templates



Thousands of awe-inspiring video templates.

Envato Elements is one of the world’s leading graphic design communities. Each template is individually licensed per purchaser for commercial use. We at SplashVids.com are part of a larger sales & marketing company. Instead of charging THOUSANDS of dollars for campaigns we simply charge for our editors time.

The price we charge is based on the time expectation we have for our professional graphic editors on each project. Some elements have 




Real Graphic Artist Assigned to Each Project

Since each project is custom, we invite you to share your ideas on what you would like to see in your final product. Within 24hrs of your order, you will be assigned a designer that will work with you 1-on-1 through your project until complete. 

Our team of has access to millions of HD images and videos. Simply tell us your ideas and we will do out best to create your vision.

Asana: Project Managment

Simple Game Plan

Select your Template

Choose your design from our gallery for east pricing or from Envato.com and get cutom pricing.

Check our email

You will receive your receipt immediately and instructions and access to Asana within 24 hrs.

UPload your Details

Based on your selection, upload your company logo, website & product details as needed.

Meet your designer

Schedule a time to chat with your deisgner to review the details of your project

Review & Adjust draft

You will have 2 Review Rounds to make any changes you would like to your commercial

Approve Final Delivery

Once your edits are complete you will be sent a link to downlod your completed commercial.

We do the dirty work

Image & Video Selections

In addition to the content you send us, we will find the best HD images and videos to tell your story. Our designers have access to MILLIONS of options from multiple online stock footage sources.

Tell us the visuals you would like to see and watch us go to work.

this must be the place

Sales Scripting

Allow us to help navigate your story by creating the perfect summary statements to propel your video along.

With each scene holding 2-5 words, or perhaps a small sentence, it is of utmost importance that we deliver your message quickly and clearly.  

Music & Voice-Overs

We only use Royalty Free audio content in our commercials. If there is original music or music that you have legal permission to use, we would be happy to include it in your commercial.

Ask your designer about options to finding music or creating live voice-overs.

You reap the reward

Sell Products

Obliviously commercials are a great way to sell products, however, not ALL commercials sell products effectively.  Our digital creations are Hi-Def and Purpose-Focused. 

Our dynamic call-to-action, scripts and ads are ads designed to grab the attention of any viewer. 

Spotlight Skills

Showcase your skills, work history, previous clients and projects like never before. Stand out with the crowd and give hiring-managers something they can be proud to refer up the chain.

Include testimonials, portfolios and so much more in a fast (or slow) paced visual story.

Present Ideas Clearly

Never waste a moment on miscommunication. Make every encounter a Perfect Pitch. 

  • Corporate overview
  • Sales presentations
  • Fundraising
  • Investor packages
  • Membership drives & more!

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